Asyik aja dapat “mainan” dari Boss-ku. Namanya EuroTalk-interactive, adalah English Complete Language Suite. CD-ROM untuk belajar bahasa Inggris. Entah dari mana beliau beli. Untuk having fun sambil mengulang belajar lagi.. ya lumayanlah… Pengin ngopi sih cuma belum sempat..

Terdiri dari:

Disc 1: Talk Now! –> For absolute beginners, this CD gets you started in an innovative and fun way to learn the key words and the help you need to remember them. You will be amazed at the quick results you will achieve.

Disc 2: Talk More! –> This latest intermediate level using broadcast quality video & the newest interactive techniques will take you further towards speaking with proficiency.

Disc 3: World Talk –> For advanced learners to build up their language skills, to listen and speak with confidence.

Bonus CD: Where on Earth ? –> This latest software is a fun & effective way to improve your geography skills. Learn the locations of over 1,200 geographical features including countries, cities, mountains, rivers and landmarks. Simple and addictive !

Teruss… ada fitur-fitur khususnya juga lho…:

  • Speech recording to compare your voice with native speakers;
  • Interactive & multi-level quizzes to test what you have learnt and to monitor your progress;
  • Automatic localization which lets you choose the language you learn from;
  • Printable dictionary, glossary, phrasebook & worksheet;
  • Student records for multiple users and to keep track of your score;

dan masih banyak lagi…!!!

Katanya sih…“…succeeds in both the entertainment & educational stakes…” !

2 thoughts on “EuroTalk”

  1. halo Nina.. salam kenal kembali 🙂
    coba deh Nina googling, mungkin akan bertemu informasi yang Nina butuhkan; karena seperti saya sebutkan di postingan ini bahwa saya tidak tahu dari mana Boss saya beli 🙂

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