Dulu saya termasuk bangga bila bisa mengerjakan beberapa pekerjaaan dalam satu waktu sekaligus. Bangga bisa bermultitasking !!!

Tapi ternyata, Sodara-Sodara, sebagai manusia kita punya keterbatasan. Kita bukan robot. Kita bukan komputer. Akibatnya sebagai manusia suatu saat ngerasain yang namanya STRESS !!

Googling-googling saya dapat artikel menarik sebagai berikut:

5 reasons to avoid multitasking at work

As our lives have become busier, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of multitasking to get everything done.  However, the problem with multitasking is that it can make people feel extremely stressed and is no guarantee that your achievements will be greater than if you did the jobs one at a time. These are 5 reasons to avoid multi-asking at work.

1.       Stress– Multitasking can cause stress, but much of this will be self imposed.  It’s much easier to tackle one task at a time.

2.       Loss of information– The problem with multitasking is that not all our senses can be engaged to the same extent at any one time.  If you’re talking on the telephone and reading emails at the same time  – something will have to give. It’s difficult to keep track of priorities if you’re doing two jobs at once.

3.       Variable quality of work – If you’re multitasking there’s  a danger that although you may complete multiple tasks, they may not be completed to a standard that others would want or you would expect of yourself.

4.       Tasks take longer – Trying to do multiple tasks can actually mean they take longer as you have not given it all you attention. Concentrating on a one thing at a time is likely to be more productive.

5.       Harms relationships – if colleagues are trying to talk to you and become aware on a regular basis that they don’t have your full attention it could cause problems in your working relationship.

Careful planning and the ability to prioritise should minimise the need to multitask.

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